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Telangana Board has announced the Intermediate (12th) Exam Date 2020.

  • The Telangana Board Intermediate(12th) Examination will be held from 4th Feb to 23rd March.

All Students can check their Telangana Board Intermediate(12th) Time Table 2020 through below provided table.

Date and Day 1st Year Examination Date and Day 2nd Year Examination
04 Mar 2020
Part- II
2nd Language Paper – I
05 Mar 2020
Part -II
2nd Language- Paper II
06 Mar 2020
Part- I
English Paper- I
07 Mar 2020
Part- I
English Paper- II
10 Mar 2020
Part- III
Mathematics Paper- IA
Botany Paper- I
Civics Paper- I
Psychology Paper- I
11 Mar 2020
Part- III
Mathematics Paper II A
Botany Paper -II
Civics Paper -II
Psychology Paper- II
12 Mar 2020
Mathematics Paper- IB
Zoology Paper- I
History Paper- I
13 Mar 2020
Mathematics Paper- II B
Zollogy Paper- II
History Paper _II
14 Mar 2020
Physics Paper- I
Economics Paper- I
Classical Language Paper- I
16 Mar 2020
Physics Paper- II
Economics Paper- II
Classical Language Paper- II
17 Mar 2020
Chemistry Paper- I
Sociology Paper- I
Commerce Paper- I
Fine Arts, Music Paper- I
18 Mar 2020
Chemistry Paper- II
Commerce Paper- II
Sociology Paper -II
Fine Arts, Music PAper- II
19 Mar 2020
Geology Paper- I
Home Science Paper- I
Public Administration Paper- I
Logic Paper- I
Bridge Course Maths Paper- I
20 Mar 2020
Geology Paper- II
Home Science Paper- II
Logic Paper -II
Bridge Course Math Paper- II
(for B.P.C candidates)
21 Mar 2020
Modern Language Paper- I
Geography Paper- I
23 Mar 2020
Modern Language Paper- II
Geogrphy Paper- II


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