CBSE 12th Class Exam Preparation Tips

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Let us have a much-detailed look into some CBSE 12th class exam preparation tips that all student appearing for the 12th class board exams must attend to obtain good marks.


With the purpose of scoring well comes perseverant energy from a candidate towards the study of every subject, knowledge of the syllabus and an accurate plan. Here are some CBSE 12th Class exam preparation tips:



Accept all subject as it comes:



A candidate needs to clear and study all subjects. No subject can become a non-favourite or favourite subject and easy and difficult subject thus, paying more attention to the former type and leaving the latter for purposes of lack of interest. Since trying every subject is necessary to pass, a candidate must treat all subjects important and give them equal time.



Information of the syllabus:



Students must be well aware of the complete syllabus of CBSE 12th Class before you commence your 12th Class board exam preparation. Know the CBSE 12th class syllabus and weight-age of every subject. Then begin from the topics that carry the most scores and get a strong hold on these topics. If you find any topic hard focus on them do not leave the concept unattended and procrastinate it or keep it for last moment. Remember the weight-age of any subject and proceed. Don't waste your time and efforts over topics that have limited weight-age or are doubtful to be asked.



Do your SWOT analysis:



Remember which subject is your strength and explain the concept. Identify which topic you are weak in and try doing it regularly, don't leave it ignored. Know the subject whose weight-age is more and make it a chance to score. Know the topic which is difficult and makes sure you work on it and prepare it more regularly. The SWOT analysis will assist you to plan your studies and pick subjects accordingly.



Study Material:



Make sure you have all essential study material before you start your 12th Class board exam preparation. But take care you do not end up with too several books to confuse you! Begin with the NCERT books, as they are the primary preparation material for CBSE 12th Class. You may use another source for objectives or other concepts which you find difficult to understand. Don't refer too many books at one time. Read NCERT books first reference.



Take mock trails:



You may know, learn or understand the concepts very well, but no matter how much you read your mind retains only a few percent of it. However, a candidate shall always learn more percent of what it writes than it reads. Thus, it is necessary to note that 12th Class board exam preparation is never finished without solving sample papers and taking mock tests. As well said practice makes a man perfect. Mock trials can be taken when you complete one or two chapters in each topic. Make sure you do at least one mock trial per week.



Time Management:



Never sit with one subject for the whole day. Mix-match that is, pick two topics for a day and work on every topic with divided time. This decreases the boredom as well as enables you to complete the portion simultaneously with all topics, in a planned way. Take sufficient breaks while switching to another subject. Don't unnecessarily prolong your break time.



Last year’s Question Paper:



This step comes when you have achieved your portion, done away with covered all important topic and all your subjects. This is when you must try doing previous year papers. It is another way of getting that extra edge in your 12th Class board exam preparation individual from mock trials. You can quickly find the CBSE 12th class past year question papers both online or offline. It is suggested to prepare as many past year papers you can. Past papers provide you with a thorough understanding of the subject and the kinds of questions expected. This is one of the most powerful CBSE 12th class exam preparation tips you’ll get! Determine at least 3 question papers of last year to understand how well you remember, retain or write. And which section of questions needs more attention.




CBSE 12th Result 2019 | CBSE 12th Class Result 2019




Follow these CBSE 12th class exam preparation tips while preparing for your examinations:


  • Make a timetable for a week and pick your topic wisely and follow the same.
  • Keep weekends for mock trials and sample papers, don't study on that day just work on your misunderstandings.
  • Give any elder to correct your answers.
  • Make reminders of things that are difficult to remember.
  • Make time for the difficult subject and on your weak points.
  • Avoid some activities such as surfing the Internet while studying, listening to music, watching television and text messaging.
  • Don't study late at night and for long hours.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Get sufficient sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.
  • Use a light weighted Pencil or pens.
  • Exercise daily and keep calm, be positive and build your confidence.


Follow these CBSE 12th class exam preparation tips and you are on your path to achieving amazing marks in your board examination.

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