CBSE Board Confirms 20 Marks for Internal Assessment in 11th and 12th Class

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Central Board of Secondary education has now made practical assessment mandatory for Maths and language courses. A weightage of at least 20 marks will be assigned to the Practical/Project work in subjects such as Mathematics, Political science, Languages, and legal studies. The practical assessment of these courses is made compulsory for the 11th and 12th classes from the academic session 2019-20 onward. From April 2019, i.e from the start of the new session, the changes mentioned will be implemented. “It is a necessity now that ‘assessment of learning’ must be augmented with ‘assessment as learning’ and ‘assessment for learning.’’ – CBSE. This decision was considered right after the MHRD’s participation in the Programme for International Student Assessment in 2021. This introduction is planned to encourage creative and critical thinking among the candidates.


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Until now, the assessment for these subjects was only based on the written examination. But as the CBSE board aims to encourage creative and critical thinking among the candidates, this step became mandatory. The ratio of the weightage of practical subjects to the written examination has also been set to 20:80 from this year. This implementation is also a result of the poor performance of the students in 10th class in the National Assessment Survey (2017-2018). As per the report card of the National Assessment survey, the 10th class student’s performance in the subjects such as Mathematics, Social Science, Science, English and Modern Indian Languages is 52%, 51%, 53%, 58%, and 62%.


Although, the percentage data of the candidates have given CBSE a spot above the national average. However, the CBSE board is still hoping for an improvement in the performance of the candidates. The ratio has been set for the subjects such as Commerce, Science, Humanities and Fine Arts. A practical assessment of 20 marks is now mandatory for these subjects. CBSE Board has also informed that the ratio for these subjects will be 20:30. For the science-based subjects and fine arts, 30:70 and 70:30 is the ratio respectively. Subjects that carry 100, 80 and 70 marks will have a time duration of three hours.




Some other important changes include the decrease in the number of subjective questions in the examination so that the candidates are able to write analytical as well as creative answers. Objective type questions have been given 25% minimum and 75% maximum weightage of marks respectively.


The official statement read – “This circular is being declared in advance to enable schools to prepare for implementing the few proposed changes from next academic session onwards,” reads a statement announced by the board.”

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