This Year CBSE Exams will be Easy, Know why?

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations are scheduled to begin from February 15, 2019, and the students have also made preparations for their exams. Board exams this year are going to be easy. Also, TETRA software is also being used in the board exams this time. If you are going to join the exams this year, then you should know why the exams will be easy and the impact of this TETRA software will be?


Why Exams will be Easy?

This time CBSE board has made many changes in the pattern of examinations, making the examination easier for the students. The number of objective type questions in the examinations has been increased this year. Along with that, options of questions have been increased this year. A CBSE official has said that 10% of all subjects were examined in the exam each year, but this year the number of these questions has been reduced to 25%.


33% of the Questions will be Objective Type Questions

CBSE officials also said that this will also increase the confidence of the students. Along with this, about 33% of the students will be present as an alternative to this year. So that students can score good numbers in the exam.


Digital Technology will be Used to Prevent Incidents of Paper Leaks

Central Board of Secondary Education is trying to curb incidents like paper leaks and also wants to give equal opportunity to the students. CBSE Board is trying to ensure that the students do not have to face the usual difficulties in questioning an unspecified difficult question paper or any question that came out from the board exam this year.


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​​​​​How does this software work

This software reflects the trend of average points of all the centres. Also, in the case of difficulties in the paper used, it can be done to balance the number so that the level of differential level can be equal. According to the news, a senior official says, "We are analyzing the trend of points obtained for students of all regions and centres. Whenever we get separated from the rules, then we call that centre and if we complain about the question paper, then we examine it and the officer also said that complaints regarding the absurdity of the paper are also seen. A team from this sees how much and how much balance is required for these difficulties. Earlier, when asked about the examples of increasing the number of state board officials, the officer insisted that this has never happened in the board.


This software will Check the Difficulty of Exam

For your information, please tell that the theory Evaluation Trends Analysis TETRA software will be used by the CBSE board. The difficulty of the paper is checked through this software. So that students can get the same difficulty paper. It was used in the last year also to study the trends of the numbers obtained in the examination by the students of all areas. It is noteworthy that CBSE had used Treta software after the leak of mathematics and economics in the 10th and 12th grade respectively in the last year. Let us know that the CBSE 12th Board examinations this year are starting on 15th February.

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