Best Apps for CBSE Exam Preparation

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The CBSE 12th Class board examinations are set to start from 15 February. Before their board examinations, candidates can take online mock tests to understand how effective their arrangement is. These tests will also support students familiarize with the examinations pattern, improve their accuracy & speed as well as manage time better in board examinations.


Here are some apps for CBSE mock tests.


1. NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions

NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions is a helpful website for CBSE 12th Class candidates for taking online tests. The platform allows practice mock tests for all subjects including biology, accountancy, economics, physics, chemistry, mathematics and English. Aside from the tests, candidates can also see their performance report. 

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2: CBSE Class 12 Board Solved Paper

CBSE Class 12 Board Solved Paper, a famous online learning and coaching platform, is another good option for CBSE 12th class to take tests before board examinations. The website offers syllabus, chapter wise tests, questions, and solutions for almost all major subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

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3. Class 10 CBSE Board Solved Papers & Sample Papers

Class 10 CBSE Board Solved Papers & Sample Papers is a famous online learning platform, LearnPick, is also one of the best websites for taking 12th class mock tests. It gives practice tests and subjects wise examinations of all major subjects, including Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. The tests are created by LearnPick subject matter specialists solutions for the mock tests are also given. Candidates can also make a detailed analysis of their test review.

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4. CBSE Class 10

CBSE Class 10 is a famous website for exam preparatory sources and study material. 12th class candidates can take free online tests across various subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Grammar and also choose subject-wise chapters.

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5. MyCBSEguide

MyCBSEguide is a prominent platform for CBSE examination preparation. It gives free online tests and practice papers for 12th class subjects like physics, biology, accountancy, economics, chemistry, mathematics and business studies. The tests consist of MCQs with detailed answers also explanation. Additionally, candidates can install myCBSEguide app for latest CBSE test papers, revision notes, sample papers, previous question papers, MCQ tests and NCERT solutions. 


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