Chemistry Exam Preparation Tips By Prof. Abhay Kumar

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For the preparation of chemistry, practice by reading the reaction every day. This does not require the preparation of language separately. Prepare for maximum reaction. This advice was given by Patna University's specialist in chemistry. Abhay Kumar gave it On Wednesday, tele-counselling was organized on behalf of your newspaper Hindustan. In this, students from across the state asked questions.


Expert Abhay Kumar said that objective questions are asked only by subjective questions. Therefore, due to its practice, preparation of short and long answer questions with the objective will also be made. Be sure to practice the model paper of the board and the question paper from 2012 to 2017. On the second day of tele-counselling organized by Hindustan, Prof. Abhay Kumar answered the questions of the students.



Bihar Board 10th Result 2019 | Bihar Board 12th Result 2019


Experimental Exam: 30 Marks

  • One experiment - 12 points
  • Practical copy - 5 marks
  • Showing using - 8 marks
  • An oral exam - 5 points 


Theoretical Examination: 70 Marks

  • Objectives will be 35 questions. 
  • Each question must be answered. 
  • 18 to 20 questions will be minor answers. 
  • They will have to answer 10 questions. 
  • Six questions will be long northern. 
  • They will have to answer three.


Exam Preparation Tips:

  1. Have sufficient sleep every day.
  2. Do the study of writing for two to three hours a day. 
  3. Eat strength enhancing food. 
  4. There will be staveway marking. The more you answer.
  5. Prepare for the experiment exams trough writing the experiment every day. 
  6. Learn chemistry for three to four hours every day. 
  7. Keep words: Answer short questions in 30 to 50 words and answer the long questions in 50 to 250 words.
  8. The board has cancelled this time or so. In the short answer 20 Marks, any 10 questions will have to be answered. On the other hand, the students can answer any of the three questions in their personal interest.
  9. Pro. Kumar said that for 3 to 4 hours, study chemistry at night. If you come to sleep during the reading at night, then it continues in the mind, which gets remembered soon.
  10. Preparation of individual questions will also be made of objective questions.


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