PSEB Students Got Punjabi Paper on Social Studies Exam Day

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In a goof up during annual examinations of 8th class in government schools of Punjab, the students were provided wrong question papers in some centres on Thursday. While students had social studies examination, they were handed over Punjabi question papers. The happened in six exam centres in Ludhiana district and also in few centres in district Faridkot. Later when candidates raised a query, Punjabi question papers collected back and since there were no social studies question papers, questions were written on the chalkboard and in some centres, teachers got question papers on mail or through WhatsApp and got them printed.


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Inderjit Singh, the director, State Council of Educational Research and Training that conducts the 5th and 8th class evaluation, said that goof up happened in some exam centres across the state after packets carrying papers were provided with the wrong label on envelopes and packets carrying Punjabi question papers were labelled as social studies.


He added that examination duty staff was not at fault and mistake was that of the vendor who packed the question papers and supplied to schools. “We will blacklist the vendor. The new paper will be set for Punjabi examination scheduled on March 19 as it was leaked out,” he said.


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